Don Dieterich Drums and Percussion

Teaching Philosophy
Don believes in tailoring his instruction to help each student reach their unique creative musical potential through:
        * solid fundamental technique
        * music reading
        * improvisation 
        * introducing different styles of music

  Music Education also enhances
* self confidence
             * creative problem solving
             * self discipline and goals  
           * physical co-ordination  
  * social interaction
                 * memory and concentration  

Lesson fees:  $30 for a half hour lesson

  "I’ll teach you how and what to practice…
you’ll then teach yourself how to play."   

" I share with my students the pure joy of making music, and help them realize the enjoyment and value that music bring to them and others for a lifetime. 
 I teach my students how to be“intelligent consumers” of all the music that floods our ears on a daily basis.   I take special care with beginners in a nurturing and supportive manner, since it’s critical to long term success."